What is a verified account?

Any agency that displays the blue badge is verified.     VerifiedSmaller


What are the perks of being verified?

If you are a verified agent, you get these perks:

  • All your properties are marked with a verified symbol.
  • Properties from verified agents always appear higher in results. A verified property is more than 5 times more likely to receive a lead.
  • Your company receives the verified badge when compared to other agencies.
  • Properties from verified agents filter randomly in the ‘promoted listings’ section, if you’re not verified you need to pay for this service.


Why does Move’m verify accounts?

Verification is currently used to distinguish which agencies actively use Move’m and participate in helping students find the best accommodation.


What does an agency have to do to get verified?

To get verified, an agency must show an active interest in helping the Move’m community. Currently we are asking agencies to submit a copy of all their properties and their interior photos. The agency only needs to do this once per year to benefit from verified.


Why do you want interior photos?

It’s simple, students want to see interior photos. With interior photos, your property is more likely to let and therefore we prioritise it. We want students to find the best houses first.


How can I submit my interior photos?

Fill out the form below and attach the photos in these formats:

  • Public link, i.e a Dropbox or business website.
  • a .CSV file which includes interior photos, such as one you’d normally send to Rightmove.
  • Private link, i.e access to company website photos.


After submitting my photos, when do I become verified?

Once you’ve submitted your photos, we will be in touch to confirm you’ve been verified.