Which agency do you represent?
Here you can write your reply. It's great to thank students for their positive feedback as well as comment on any negative reviews.



We’re proud of what we’ve created. Move’m is a tool which helps hundreds of students per day find their ideal house. We provide a platform for students to share their opinions and experiences.

Every review is moderated for slander and each agent is prompted for a response. If you feel that part of your review is unfairly slanderous, misrepresents your service or is maliciously written, please get in touch.

We run a ‘review and remove’ policy, whereby we will either remove, or add additional notes to reviews which are disputed.



What do I need to reply to reviews?

Replying to a review is easy. Send us an email with your request and we will aim to respond within a 48 hours. In order to dispute a review you will need to provide evidence against that the students claim is unfair or untrue. For example, if the review incorrectly states that the student lost all of their deposit, you are encouraged to provide us details of how much deposit was actually withheld.


Can I reply to a certain number of reviews per month?

You may reply to every review relating to your agency/properties if you wish. You may be required to provide evidence for each review separately however. It’s worth noting that we retain the rights to close any dispute at any time. If we consider that any agent is trying to unfairly dispute claims then we retain the right to refuse any future claims from that agent. You can not respond to feedback with a single mass response.


The student has said we’re responsible for something, which we’re not, it’s the landlord. 

Move’m constantly tries to educate students on the appropriate methods of disputing housing issues. Occasionally, students blame the wrong party, which may lead to unfair representation on the site. To clear your agency of any responsibility, written confirmation from the landlord will be required, outlining that the issue lies with them. We believe this is the only way to determine responsibility.


If you are concerned by anything you read here, we recommend you read our terms and conditions.